Album “Everything is perfect”: a first business card for Thai people

Album «Everything's Perfect: A First Business Card For Thaïs


Recently arrived in the Bravo Musique stable, from Cœur de pirate, the young Thai is enjoying the great enthusiasm generated by the songs she launched a few months ago. Here she returns with Everything is Perfect, which combines the two mini-albums released earlier this year.

By his own admission, Thaïs Millet likes contradictions. That's why she decided to call her album Everything is perfect. “It's an expression that I often say, even if nothing is perfect, of course.”

The two acts that are brought together on the album are also in contradiction. The first is sunnier, with more danceable songs. The second is more introspective and melancholy.

Heading to Europe

Although she had released material in the past, the singer-songwriter sees this album, as well as her arrival at Bravo Musique, as “a first business card for my project, it's like a renewal”.

In a few days, she will be going to Europe to do first parts of Cœur de pirate, who took her under her wing. 

“I have already followed her for a bit during the year and it was really pleasant. I had always been told that the first parts are ungrateful. But I always felt that people were super open, super attentive. I just have good memories. I hope it will continue in France. I'm convinced of it.”

The Thai album, Everything is perfect, is available. For more info: