Albums not to be missed in 2021

Albums not to be missed in 2021

The theaters are closed, but music occupies a large place in people’s (confined) lives. Tours are on hiatus, but album releases appear to be on their way in 2021. Here’s a look at top artists who will be unveiling new material shortly.


As was the case with rapper Backxwash, Montreal artist Tika seems to be better known in English-speaking Canada than in Quebec. You will fall in love with its pop nineties committed (imagine a Tony Braxton who claims difference and well-being). His first album, Anywhere but Here, is due out on February 26. You may have noticed Tika in Sephora’s ad campaigns. She will undoubtedly be one of the musical revelations of 2021.

Vincent Vallieres

Vincent Vallières’ new album should be released in February before a series of intimate shows. With the re-containment, the release will probably be postponed until the spring. One thing is certain, the eighth opus of the folk star will be entitled All beauty is not lost. For the production, Vallières called on his longtime accomplice, Andre Papanicolaou, while Martin Léon is in charge of artistic direction.

Lana del rey

Lana Del Rey is not idle. One year after the release of Norman Fucking Rockwell!, she was due to release her sixth album in 2020. After several postponements, Chemtrails Over the Country Club should finally be released in March. Lana del Rey made the announcement yesterday, in addition to unveiling the song list and launching the title track as a second single. Rest assured: the suave voice of the pop star has not finished winning over the masses.

Eddy by Pretto

Eddy de Pretto unveiled last week Bateaux Mouches, first single from his second album. The rapper tells the story of the years that preceded his life as a star, when he performed for tourists on the banks of the Seine. Optimistic, the French artist even announced a tour for the fall by writing on social networks: “My loves, we are leaving for a second story! She will be vaccinated. »Other album releases from France not to be missed: those of the groups La Femme et l’Impératrice.

Felix Dyotte

Félix Dyotte, a former member of the Chinatown group, has worked in the shadows in recent years, notably for Pierre Lapointe and Évelyne Brochu. For the latter’s song Now or never, he even got the 2020 SOCAN Song Award. Hopefully Dyotte will expand his audience with his third solo album due for release in March. Its folk rocked by the melancholy of French song has a unique touch. The proof, the first extract, I hope, unveiled in live session.

Foo fighters

If the pandemic goes into a lull, the Foo Fighters are expected to perform at the headlining Osheaga Festival. At least this is officially announced by the promoter evenko. One thing is certain, the band will be releasing a new album on February 5th. Dave Grohl promised rock anthems to unifying choruses. To listen to the first two extracts (No Son of Mine and Shame shame), we do not doubt it for a second.

Dominique Fils-Aimé

Dominique Fils-Aimé is one of the few artists in Quebec to continue its momentum despite the pandemic. She gave several shows last fall and will release a third album in February which will close her trilogy started with Nameless (2017) et Stay Tuned! (2019). Three little words, which releases on February 12, will have a contemporary soul sound. Let yourself be enchanted by the voice of Dominique Fils-Aimé on the first extract, Love take over.

Charlotte cardin

We do not know when, but it is in 2021 that Charlotte Cardin will unveil her first official album. To be patient, we have been listening repeatedly since last September to the first extract, Passive Aggressive. A second play is due out on Wednesday. Since the start of her career, the participant in The voice in 2013 stands out for its sense of timing and his immense talent. On Instagram, Charlotte Cardin however confided that her patience had reached its limit in 2020, but that her passion for music was stronger than ever.


Mustafa is said to be one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets. Skilled with words and poetry, he wrote texts for Camila Cabello and The Weeknd, besides being behind the hit Monster by Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. He made a short film about street gangs that featured Drake. Mustafa will release his debut album this winter, titled When Smoke Rises. There is a lot of empathy and peace in the first two extracts with melodies that are both strong and heartwarming. A voice (already great) to discover.

Adele, Drake and the others

Many international pop stars are due to release albums in 2021, but we have very few details. Starting with Adele, whose weight loss caused a lot of talk last fall in addition to her participation in SNL. Drake, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, Cardi B, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar and Lorde are also set to storm the charts and online listening sites if they unveil anything new, not to mention Red Hot Chili Peppers and … Arcade Fire!

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