Alcohol in the parks and terraces are enlarged

Taïeb Moalla

The new stimulus on the alcohol and the terraces to the delight of the traders and do not worry the police, who rely on the public spiritedness of the people of Quebec.

On Monday, mayor Régis Labeaume announced that to alleviate a little the burden of the citizens, after the difficult period of containment, the City would allow the consumption of liquor in certain parks and on pedestrian streets. Also, it will allow the owners of bars and restaurants expand their terraces on the sidewalk and in the parking lots.

For traders, it was a request to be widespread and the response has been unanimous.

“It was the collective representations of my colleagues of the seven CDS, and even associations of merchants,” said Jean-Pierre Bédard, the Société de développement commercial (SDC) of Montcalm.

The reception has been positive

“It has been received very positively from all of the world. We are very happy. Our merchants are happy. It makes you look forward to the summer. It gives hope after all these weeks, instead of black, ” says Marie Noelle Bellegarde Turgeon, one of the CPS of the Suburb.

The possibility of extending the terraces appeals to many. Ms. Bellegarde Turgeon explained that the presence of tables will add an air of festive on the arteries. They entice customers to stop, to linger.

“It’s been an atmosphere much more friendly. It energizes a street to see people seated and able to walk. It will give a nice kick-off for the season. “

Now, conservators, and keepers of bars are looking forward to the next announcements from the government on the re-opening of these shops. “They were in a hurry ! “

“What we have left to do is to retain a little of the conservators so that they wouldn’t put everything in place immediately. They need to be a little patient “, admitted Mr. Bédard, laughing.


On the side of the police Department of the City of Quebec, we do not expect the misbehaviour with the permission of alcohol consumption. The spokesperson Étienne Doyon has indicated that the work of the police remained the same.

“We count on good collaboration and the good citizenship of the people of Quebec,” he said. We are going to continue to be present if excess or of other offences that arise “, he stressed, recalling that drunkenness on the public highway and disorder remain banned.

But the patrols already in place will continue to do surveillance in the parks and on the commercial streets. “For us, it is the continuity of the work that we are doing right now. “

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