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The singer is in a relationship with Ulyana Sinickas

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ALEKSEEV встречается с солисткой "ВИА Гры" - СМИ

Nikita Alexeev and Juliana Senecca

Popular singer ALEKSEEV, who confessed how long I was on vacation, has not previously been seen in a romantic relationship, however, recently the situation has changed dramatically. On Instagram-page of Super video appeared, indicating that Nikita Alexeev is found with the soloist of group “VIA Gra” Ulyana Sinickas. On the roller pair resting on the boat and gently hugging.

Note Nikita Alexeev and Juliana Senecca met on the project “New star Factory”, where the artists sang a duet song “Feel the soul” and the performance was very emotional. Fans even began to suspect that a few associates not only work.

However, the Nikita and Ulyana no relationship comment on their pages in social networks there is no hint of that couple the novel. Many people assume that secrecy can be connected with the terms of the contract participants of group “VIA Gra”, who are forbidden to have relationships.

Earlier we wrote that ALEKSEEV presented the video for the song “How are you”.

Watch a video about the most romantic moments in the life of stars:

We will remind, Alla Pugacheva preparing for the concert. In the network appeared the first pictures of the rehearsal.

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ALEKSEEV встречается с солисткой "ВИА Гры" - СМИ

ALEKSEEV встречается с солисткой "ВИА Гры" - СМИ

ALEKSEEV встречается с солисткой "ВИА Гры" - СМИ


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