Alert tests on mobile devices went awry

The test for new public alerts broadcast on mobile devices Monday morning did not work as expected in Quebec, says the CRTC.
S ccording Patricia Valladao, spokesman for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the problem is not attributable to telephone service providers.

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The technical glitch seems to be the result of an imbroglio between the emergency measures department in Quebec and Pelmorex Weather Networks, which operates the National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System.

An alert test was sent to compatible devices connected to an LTE wireless network, television and radio at 9:55 am in Quebec. Similar tests were scheduled at 1:55 pm Monday in Ontario, and at 6:55 pm on Wednesday in New Brunswick.

Such public alert tests allow Canadians to become familiar with how alert messages will be sent to their mobile devices in an emergency, including the tone and timing of the vibration that will differentiate them from messages. ordinary texts.

These alerts warn the public of impending threats, including fires, tornadoes, floods, water contamination and AMBER alerts.

The tests also make it possible to check the correct operation of the warning system. Ms. Valladao is also consoled by the fact that the technical problems of Monday in Quebec during the test will correct the shot.

Messages are sent by federal, provincial and territorial governments as well as by emergency management officials.

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