Alerted game can be reassured

Alert game can be reassured


When they see a deer scurry off, many nemrods lose hope.

Totally distraught, they will simply watch it scurry away with the impression that there is nothing more to do. 

The King of the Forest

When a hunter hears or sees a moose scurrying away, he can opt for a few vocalizations in order to slow down its running and attract its attention. A call reproducing that emitted by a female in heat will intrigue all suitors, including those of small size. Later in the fall, when the mating season is at its height, the enthusiast can insist on it with long meows. 

If a buckreacts to your advances and shows interest, you must respond promptly during each episode. You can then foster plaintive female dialogue or go for the big game and make her feel like you want to confront her. If your scenario is well orchestrated and well played, there is a good chance that the male will come back to you.

The ghost of the undergrowth

During a recent excursion to Sépaq Anticosti, at Lac Renard, I witnessed a perfect scene which clearly demonstrates that all is not lost when a deer takes off.

Accompanied by guide Johan Heiser, we are about to complete a fine hunting session in a trail of about 5 km. 200 meters before reaching the path, we cross a bog, better known as swamp. 

A female gets up on her feet and catches our eye. She travels a hundred meters and stops. Intrigued to know if a buck accompanies him, we slowly continue our walk, then a colossus, a large male with a behind resembling that of a horse and impressive antlers, takes off running and disappears into the forest. 

Action Reaction

Johan then immediately emits grunts, commonly called grunts, to simulate the presence of another white-tailed deer. This call will have the effect of enraging the big deer by making it jealous or reassuring it by knowing that it is another congener and not a threatening intruder.

Simultaneously , I emit the cry of a calf in distress, “ouiiiin-ouiiiin-ouiiiin”, which piques their curiosity and appeals to their parental instinct.

Not having the impression that the deer has seen and smelled us, we still have the hope that he will return to the scene to satisfy his curiosity and even see his beautiful female again. Be aware, however, that when a deer corroborates two of its senses, it will not return. 

Continuing to skilfully grunt, Johan sees in his binoculars our mastodon arriving seven or eight minutes later at the end of the wooden duvet and lie down in the grass. We only see his big abdominal white spot which swears in the decor. Located at more than 350 yards and positioned in front, I decided not to attempt a freehand shot and thus not risk injuring him.

This spectacle was once again a beautiful reminder that in such situations, sometimes all is not lost.

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Alert game can be reassured