Alès celebrates its 1st sculpture symposium until June 30

Alès celebrates its 1st sculpture symposium until June 30

Laurent Mura (à gauche) et Ali Salem, organisateur du symposium. Midi Libre – Th. M.

Dans les jardins du Bosquet d’Alès, dix sculpteurs créent, depuis ce lundi 3 juin, des œuvres de pierre destinées à orner un musée de la sculpture en plein air.

It took the determination and creative talent of Ali Salem, this Franco-Egyptian sculptor based in Alès for seven years, to want to create a symposium of sculpture, with the support of the Agglo, which will take place in the Bosquet gardens throughout the month of June. This Monday, June 3, heavy blocks of stone were placed at the entrance to the garden, before being placed in different locations on the site. On site, in the company of stonemason and art craftsman Laurent Mura, Salem gives some information on this emerging project: “In front of these two blocks of Vers stone and the others in Brouzet limestone, I will gather about ten sculptors, including six from Egypt, but also a Spaniard, an Italian and two Frenchmen. For this symposium, no theme will be imposed, because each artist will be able to express themselves as they wish."

Towards an open-air museum

Once created, these works of a lasting nature will be part of an open-air sculpture museum that will remain in Alès, especially since Salem, after this first edition, is considering a sequel that will add new creations. “Every year, he says, I plan to invite sculptors from Arab countries to show that there are not only terrorists among them, but also great masters of art. These countries have a beautiful artistic culture, as the mosaics of mosques and churches bear witness to." It is therefore resolutely contemporary sculpture that will adorn the gardens of the Bosquet, linking the few stone witnesses from the 19th century to those of our 21st century.

A project carried out in synergy with the Pierre du Midi association and the Alès company Diamotec, a specialist in diamond tools, which, through their material contribution, contribute to promoting local economic dynamism.

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