Alès Plage: a guinguette on the banks of the Gardon, this “good idea to create this here”

Alès Plage: a guinguette on the banks of the Gardon, this “good idea to create this here”

Christophe Hugon officie, dans la guinguette d'Alès Plage, avec environ 25 personnes. MIDI LIBRE – CHARLES LEDUC

L’établissement, que gère désormais en solo Christophe Hugon, a ouvert dans la soirée de ce mercredi 19 juin. Avec des changements…

The statue of an elephant, visible from Avenue Carnot, dominates the establishment. Christophe Hugon laughs: "I found it nice for the decoration, especially since I made a touch-up at the entrance." This pachyderm has seen the public pass under its paws since the evening of Wednesday June 19, launch day of the 2024 season of the Alès Plage tavern, once again installed on the banks of the Gardon, near the Pont-Neuf. "And we had a good opening!", confides the manager, who now holds the helm alone since Marie-Hélène Monier handed over to him, after eleven years of collaboration. "It was crowded. And we got good feedback…"

A wooden structure to replace tarpaulins

Alongside Christophe Hugon, a quartet of collaborators officiate. Including "quite a few veterans who have returned" and are active in the room, while the’ rsquo;kitchen team was "totally renewed". And everyone is also seeing change, especially in the catering area. Thus, on the sand, the structure which was once covered is now made of wood, which, with new furniture, gives the place, says the owner of the tavern, "much more heat". Warmer and more pleasant is certainly also the pontoon which today juts out further onto the river. Because the platform was turned lengthwise and… enlarged!

The end of wake-boarding

It was able to be enlarged in particular because Christophe Hugon recovered the blocks which were used for the wake-board activity which, after more than a decade of presence, is no longer not renewed this year. "People are going to be disappointed", he admits, but it was clear that the attendance for this animation, "it’wasn't madness". However, other water activities are maintained: pedal boats, paddles and other canoes. And, already, the owner is working on a new proposal for 2025. His attention is currently attracted by the e-foil, "which allows a surfboard to to get out of the water", he explains. But, for this summer, he is focusing on the wave of decided events.

“The essentials are still there”

Almost every day, the tavern offers entertainment and Christophe Hugon immediately announces the color: "The essentials are always there." He thus evokes, on the fly, the salsa evenings on Thursday, the’"Apéro rosé" on Wednesday, the presence of DJ  rsquo;s on Friday and Saturday, or the swing aperitif on Sunday. In parallel, "highlights" will be organized. Some are already known, such as the "White Evening" on August 24. Also returning is the "Kitch Party" on July 27. "It worked well last year; people appreciated", says the manager. But other events are planned. For the European Football Cup and the Olympic Games, for example. Without forgetting the "Baccalaureate evening" on July 8th. And then, the time will come to blow out the candles for the fifteenth anniversary of Alès Plage; it will be the evening of July 12.

Christophe Hugon now has more than two months for the Alès Plage tavern to maintain its status. That of "must-see place in the city" during the summer. "It’was a good idea to create this here!"

The Alès Plage tavern is open until the evening of August 31, from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. Information and reservations on 06 76 75 64 48. I subscribe to read more

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