Alex Francoeur in a horror movie

Alex Francoeur in a horror film


Alex Francoeur suspected that dancing could take him to many places. But on the set of a horror movie? “Never! ” launches the one we currently see in the American feature film Bring it On : Cheer or Die.

“I hate horror movies; I'm so scared that I can't watch them,” laughs Alex Francoeur. Bring it On: Cheer or Dieis the very first to fall into terror. This time, a mysterious masked killer comes to decimate the participants of a high-level cheerleading championship one by one. 

Alex Francoeur dons the Knights uniform here, a team falling in the crosshairs of this merciless killer. If his role has no counterpart, he nevertheless has a place of choice in group numbers, performing spectacular choreographies and projections, commonplace in competitions of this kind. 

And to do this, the one we discovered at Revolution within the duo Alex and Alex had to comply with demanding training sessions, just to perfectly master the rudiments of cheer .

“The cheer and the dance are two completely different disciplines”, he attests, from the outset.&nbsp ;

“The others I worked with were all cheer professionalscanadian. So I had to be up to it. But luckily, Bring it On: Cheer or Die, is cinema. Fiction. We had more freedom in our choreographies than in a real competition, let's say », he concludes. 

A remarkable series

Although his knowledge of this new discipline was limited when he arrived on set, he couldn't be more familiar with the world of Bring it On. Alex Francoeur admits to having listened “on a loop&nbsp ;» the first chapter, starring Kirsten Dunst at the time. 

So he didn't hesitate for a second when the film's choreographer, Tony Gonzalez (with whom he had previously worked in the past) summoned him to the set in Winnipeg a year ago.

“I couldn't miss that,” he says.  

The film Bring it On: Cheer or Die is available on video on demand.