Alex Rodriguez admitted that six months was preparing to make an offer to Jennifer Lopez

Fiance Jennifer Lopez had thoroughly prepared for the important event

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Алекс Родригес признался, что полгода готовился сделать предложение Дженнифер Лопес

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

In March of 2019 became aware of the fact that 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez is getting married for the fourth time. Chosen one artist became a businessman and former basketball player Alex Rodriguez. The proposal took place during a joint vacation in the Bahamas and it was very touching and romantic.

A few days in the program Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show Alex Rodriguez confessed how he prepared for the important event. The businessman started training for six months and rehearsed every detail, even took a knee before his assistant represent how does offer his beloved.

“The preparation took about six months. And it happened on the beach in the Bahamas. But what’s really interesting is the fact that I spent three days rehearsing – went to the beach with his assistant, where he dropped to his knee and made him an offer,” admits Rodriguez.

Алекс Родригес признался, что полгода готовился сделать предложение Дженнифер Лопес

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Moreover, fiance J. Lo in a few days we went to the beach to figure out what time the most beautiful sunset.

“I was waiting for the perfect sunset. On the first day of a beautiful sunset was at 18:27, next at 18:29. On the third day it rained. In the end, I was all scheduled for 18:29. And it worked,” says Alex.

To resist such efforts is very difficult (and why?) and beauty Jennifer Lopez once said lover agreed.

However, shortly after this joyous news, the network appeared information about the alleged cheating by Rodriguez. The pair made it clear, as relates to such rumors, many joint outputs and kisses. In addition, the likely “lover” Alexa commented on these rumors.

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