Alexander Pedan potrollit Brezhnev, Ivlievu and mandrel

Ukrainian TV presenter parodied the photo of popular stars

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Александр Педан потроллил Брежневу, Ивлееву и Дорна

Alexander Pedan potrollit Brezhnev, Ivlievu and mandrel

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Alexandr Pedan is known for his mastery of reincarnation. In his Instagram showman often publishes photo-parodies of famous personalities. At this time, Pedan literally blew up the network with new images, which potrollit Vera Brezhnev, Ivan Dorn, Katya Barnabas and Cindy Ivlievu.

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“In life will not guess who this is a parody. Catherine Barnabas, I’m sorry. Well, you just have almost all photos of selfies in the car. Everyone else sorry. Nominated for “GOP-stop” – Vera Brezhnev, “Share the fare”, “Pass inside of the cabin” and “Woman, why are you petes, crazy or what?” – trolleybus-man Ivan Dorn and the mermaid who had come up from the river sinyukha – Nastya Ivleva”, – said in the description to the post Pedan.

The leading followers were thrilled with these shots and jokingly said that it is very similar to celebrities. “WA pershoho photo ti similar to CCB Lesya Nikityuk”, “I don’t want anything bad for someone to say but I think that PEDAL looks better in the pictures than the original”, “person”, “You are as always a unique original” – write users.

Not spared the publication of Alexander Pedan and Vera Brezhneva, which recently announced that never was Ukrainian. “Agnese,” wrote the singer in the comments.

Earlier, Alexander Pedan showed rare family picture.

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