Alexander Pikalov admitted, of whom in the block 95 is no joke

Александр Пикалов признался, о ком в Квартале 95 шутить не любит

Alexander Pickalov Quarter Of 95

today, 13:35

The artists of “Kvartal 95” is often in their miniatures make fun of politicians, but sometimes their victims are Ukrainian actors and TV presenters.

Alexander Pikalov admitted Znayu he’s talking about is no joke. According to the comedian, to participate in a parody of the man he always agrees with the scandal. We are talking about Dima Komarov – known traveler, author, and host of the program “the World inside out”.

Sasha and Dima – long-time friends. Both share a passion for motorcycles and travel on the bike. Therefore, the presentation of the new season of “World inside out” on China Sasha came with a special gift for Komarov – with a spare front fender for a rare bike model Kawasaki Drifter, which is Dima.

Александр Пикалов признался, о ком в Квартале 95 шутить не любит

Sasha Pikalov (gift in hand), Dima Komarov and son Sasha

“I don’t like to joke about friends. I find it very difficult, – admitted Pikalov. – Was against parodies of Dimona, Yes. Politicians sharashit, although many knew: those that pass. I found it funny. About Dimona can say that it is very brave that went into this project (“dancing with the stars” – ed.). I sat on the jury in the same room as Monadic”.

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Here’s the parody, which I remembered Pikalov:

Sasha Pickalov noted that the then very worried because the jokes on Dima.

“Because so many have hurt him, explained the comedian. – We have a few people happy for other people, it is a fact, and here, if it is possible somewhere (knife – ed.) to thrust. People ask me, why didn’t you go into politics? I say, did not want to, because that would have been the same story, or worse”.

We offer you to look at one of the dances performed by Dima Komarov on the project “Dances with stars”:

Earlier, Alexander Pikalov shared his opinion about the specifics of work of Dmitry Komarov and his program “the World inside out”.

Pikalov also as artistic Director of the “Women’s Quarter” commented on the rumors about the pregnancy of Faith Cecelia.

In addition, Znayu attended a presentation of the new season of “the World upside down” on China and said, what will surprise and shock of Mosquitoes in new editions of the travel show.

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