Alexander Ponomarev invites Ukrainians to the show of embroidery: video

May 16, the Postal square in Kiev will be held a Grand display of embroidery

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Александр Пономарев приглашает украинцев на показ вышиванок: видео

Alexander Ponomarev invites Ukrainians to the display of embroidery

Ukrainian singer Alexander Ponomarev has told, why it is important to wear embroidered not only on holiday, and invited residents and guests of the capital on a Grand “ВышиванкаDAY”. Recall that on Thursday, may 16, the TV channel “Ukraine” and the news “Today” will arrange the people’s display of embroidery at the Postal square in Kiev.

In an exclusive interview with Ponomarev shared his thoughts about the importance of the Day of embroidery. Singer believes that an embroidered shirt to be worn not only once in a year. “Ukrainian vishivanka need to wear for the holidays. My mother, who was born in Kurakhovo, said that in the Donetsk region until the 53rd year for all holidays wore shirts. I want this tradition has been preserved and now”, – said people’s artist.

Alexander Ponomarev also admitted that in his collection about six of embroidery. All of them are new. Kiev-the singer bought himself, and some he gave to the fans. “One woman I embroidered very vintage beaded shirt, and I it is with great pleasure that always wear,” says Ponomarev.

Alexander Ponomarev invites you to a Day of embroidery

Folk embroidery show kicks off may 16 at 8:00 and will last two hours. Everyone can become part of a festive flash mob to make a memorable photo, to participate in the national show and even in the raffle of gift shirts.

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About how to celebrate a vyshyvanka Day outside Ukraine, see you in a short video:

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