Alexander Stoyanov showed daughter Anastasia

Kateryna Kuhar and Alexander Stoyanov had a rest in Bulgaria

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Александр Стоянов показал дочь Анастасию

Alexander Stoyanov and Ekaterina Kuhar

One of the most famous ballet couples of Ukraine – Alexander Stoyanov and Catherine Kuchar, spent a few romantic weeks in Bulgaria, and shared a Sunny photo.

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In Bulgaria, they went to the jury at the annual all-Ukrainian competition in Bulgaria. But, of course, pleasant work days combined with leisure, which took his daughter Nastya. It is also interesting that the dates of the festival coincided with the birthday of Alexander Stoyanov, who turned 32 years old. By the way, your party entertainer showed daughter.

Александр Стоянов показал дочь Анастасию

Alexander Stoyanov with his daughter Anastasia

During a short break Alexander and Katherine managed to perform not only the standard summer vacation program, but also visited the castle in Burgas, Ropotamo river: “This is some Bulgarian Amazon! Ropotamo river flows through the reserve named in her honor, you get here on a hot day, and a gentle coolness saves you from the scorching rays of the sun, and around hundreds of unseen birds, all the smells from the flowers, river turtles swim and the trees hide of the deer. Will be in Bulgaria – you will visit with children, everyone will be happy”, – shared his impressions of the tour Ukrainian prima ballerina Ekaterina Kuhar.

The Prime Minister of the National Opera of Ukraine Oleksandr Stoyanov also remained in delight from seen.

Александр Стоянов показал дочь Анастасию

Alexander Stoyanov and Ekaterina Kuhar in Bulgaria

“One of the sights that worth to see the castle Ravarino in Burgas. The official title of “in Love with the wind”. The new castle was built 20 years ago, but he has a very fascinating history. It was created by the former strongman. Evil tongues say that the money he earned in the castle is not the most honest way, for which he was prosecuted, he served his sentence in prison, but when released, continued the construction. Built a castle for his personal project, to help him in the construction of sons. Castle charm, it interestingly combines Baroque, Gothic, and fabulousness and all of this is surrounded by a green Park with a pond, sculptures, peacocks, that walk in the area,” concluded Stoyanov.

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