Alexandra Diaz's 6 favorite Instagram accounts (to follow without moderation)

Alexandra Diaz’s 6 favorite Instagram accounts (to follow without moderation)


When repeatedly checking my favorite Instagram accounts leads to good mood rather than trouble sleeping, motivation rather than fatigue and inspiration rather than a negative body image, is is it still addictive? 

Here are my top 6 Instagram accounts that teach me, impress me, surprise me and open my mind. appetite.

@edeneats w

She could be called “ funny ” !

Her name is Eden and she is the girl who takes herself the least seriously in my entire Instagram feed. She has mastered the art of not caring about what the world thinks, without giving a fuck about people. She “pops” life, it dances, it is beautiful like the sun. She cooks the Middle Eastern flavors of her childhood. Luckily, these are my favorite foods in the world. She has a style of hell, without being a victim of fashion. His self-mockery is his strength. She does not log anything, she lives her favorites: her renovations, her travels, her children. And the complicity she shares with her crazy husband as she is the most beautiful of inspirations. Romantics, check out her post from last Valentine's Day. Mama miaaaaa, the fairy tale! Oh yeah, and she hosts Top Chef Canada.


Shuffle your life

Everyday I also get my fix of Jennifer White, another Canadian who qualifies in my favorite cooking pages because she sings with a whisk instead of a microphone and because his headset is made of kitchen tongs with fruit as earphones. She does lip-syncon the hits of the 80s and 90s. You don't need collagen with that to feel young! It goes in the head and in the legs because she “shuffles” also, this so festive dance which is characterized by a race on the spot, if I can say so. Think MC Hammer. Warning, you will drop everything and start to “shuffle” everywhere.


Jamie Oliver next generation

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I say that, but Amine is Amine. Amine Laabi by his full name. I call him Friend. He has a friendly face, like Jamie Oliver. When I came across his page, more than a year ago, I didn't know he was doing the show Les chefs! I wrote to him to congratulate him and to tell him that I dreamed of cooking with him one day. I love his publications, which are always a celebration. Everything invites sharing. He cooks with his heart, it seems. He's a genuine guy. The publication of his engagement illustrates this well. Such talent, humility and charisma is the definition of a star.


The Perfect

Kristen Hong aka @hellonutritarian and I share the same love for our fridge. You will fall out of your chair when you see the ranking of his. It seems unrealistic, but she inspired me, and I would say that mine has been like hers (half!) for a few years now. I agree with her when she says that organizing the fridge has a concrete impact on our health. And if there is a place in the house where we should invest time for a better diet, it is in the daily classification of the fridge. Kristen is the queen of “meal prep”, I'm not there, spontaneous cook that I am, but I'm one carrot away from diving.

@kulinaria.recetas< /strong> 

Latina bombshell

This influencer comes from Argentina, a neighboring country where I was born and where I still have all my family. Her name is Agustina Liporace. She is a young mother who looks about 15 years old. I think I like her because she cooks like my mother and my aunts. Everything about her reminds me of my Chilean family: she talks too fast, she also talks with her hands, it's so beautiful, and she cooks like we breathe, naturally. I also like it because it reminds me of my 13 year old daughter, who thrives in the kitchen as much as in basketball.


Green please

Mom of six and owner of five chickens, Abby Posner makes me want to garden even though I can't grow a spider plant. Indoor and outdoor garden, she knows and dispenses a lot of tricks. With soaring food prices, I found a lot of tips that allowed me to have a little piece of edible jungle at home and in my studio. Next step, a more elaborate garden and year-round conservation.