“Alexandria” on the road defeated Arsenal Kyiv

«Александрия» на выезде разгромила киевский «Арсенал»

Alexandria in the 15th round of the Premier League in Kiev figured out with Arsenal and climbed to second place.

The climax of the match came in the 61st minute with the score 0:1 Vakulko earned a penalty and gave a chance for Arsenal to get back in the game, but Akulinin with 11-meter mark broke poorly frankly, allowing Pankiv to tightly fix the ball.

All questions about the winner of the match Oleksandriya closed in the 81st minute when Sitalo after the transfer Tsurikov confidently sold out one on one with the goalkeeper.

In injury time the team of Vladimir Sharan brought the score to devastating – a beautiful Curling shot failed Cavalca.

“Alexandria” sealed a fourth away win of the season and at least for a day bypassed “Dynamo” in the fight for second place. Arsenal still closes the standings and the current streak wards Vyacheslav Grozny is already four matches.

Arsenal-Kiev – Alexandria 0:3Голы: Masta, 33, A. Sitalo, 81, Kovalets, 90+1

Arsenal-Kiev: V. Sitalo – Maidanevich (Nasonov, 73), Akakpo, Sahutkyn, Dubinchuk – Dombrowski, Autosky (Feschuk, 74) – Lola, Vakulko, Semeniuk – Akulinin (Ermachenko, 83)

Alexandria: Pankiv – Mikita, Bondarenko, Shendrik, Tsurikov – BANADA, Grechishkin, Gritsuk (Kovalets, 83) – Protasov (Sadaraka, 62), A. Sitalo (Sexton 89), Masta

Warning: Dubinchuk, Autosky – Shendrik

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