Alexey Sukhanov: “everyone should Have their secret room where entry is prohibited”

Does someone at home the presenter, when he returns after the ether

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Алексей Суханов: "У каждого должны быть свои тайные комнаты, куда вход запрещен"

Alexey Sukhanov

Seven years ago on April 16 released the first edition of the program “Govorit Ukraina”. 120 people are working to daily from Monday to Friday, the audience heard the most important story. Monthly program watched by 20 million viewers all over Ukraine, but about the personal life of unchanged presenter Aleksey Sukhanov, little is known. About if he will be someone at home when he returns after rehearsals and broadcasts, exclusive Alex told journalists of the program “Morning with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

“I don’t like somewhere to go at parties, I shunned people, I don’t like to let into your life new people. But I’m in an empty apartment don’t come. I’m one of those people who likes when in bed only two, not because I have something to be ashamed of. But it seems to me that in my life, I to a certain extent, as far as is possible, sincere and honest person, but everyone should have their secret rooms, where entrance is forbidden” – says TV presenter.

Алексей Суханов: "У каждого должны быть свои тайные комнаты, куда вход запрещен"

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Several years ago Alexey Sukhanov had divorced his wife, but still maintains a good relationship.

“The reason for the divorce was my stupidity, – says Alexey Sukhanov. – Olga persistently fought hard and tried to save. She tried to reach out, but I have not heard. Not understanding how to treat what should be valued and protected, and have not kept. But, you know, I think it’s good. First of all, Ola – she got what wanted. She was married. But you know, I’m very happy for her. She’s happy now, and that’s the most important thing. We communicate as friends”.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Alex Sukhanov dream of the Ukrainian citizenship.

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