Alexey Sukhanov openly talked about the divorce and the desire to adopt a child

Well-known TV presenter admitted who initiated the divorce

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Алексей Суханов откровенно рассказал о разводе и желании усыновить ребенка

Alexey Sukhanov

Host of “Talking Ukraine” Alexey Sukhanov thinks about fatherhood. He told this reporter “Sarcofago the way” on the channel “Ukraine”. Todosi also spoke about his divorce.

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In the past the presenter was married, but several years ago got divorced. Sukhanov confesses that he wants to be a father a long time ago, but it did not happen.

“We’ve been trying with ex-wife Olga to reset relations. But she has this hope was cleaner than mine. And then we had planned. And we even went for tests and was preparing for this. Perhaps fate decides everything. If this should not be your, it will not be your ever. And never you will not reach, probably so. If this is not fulfilled a dream of ours,” says Sukhanov.

The presenter hopes that one day still going to be a dad, at least for the adopted child.

Алексей Суханов откровенно рассказал о разводе и желании усыновить ребенка

Alexey Sukhanov

“I have not abandoned this idea, and I want to do it. But it’s like a nationality, sorry. It’s not easy. But this does not mean that there is no child, to whom I do not help,” said the narrator, “Talking Ukraine” and adds, that there is a baby, which helps, but doesn’t want to share publicly.

The presenter also spoke about the divorce with his wife: “the Decision to divorce was made by me from my own stupidity. But the decision to talk about it from experience, because I did the work over personal errors. And it seemed to me that even this way you can warn someone from making a terrible mistake. Olga for me was and still is best friend. Incidentally, we still keep in touch and communicate very well. Her love was real. But it happens that men, Capricorns in particular, they are very stubborn. And they Mature later than women. So it was with me.”

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