Algeria/virus: record increase in contamination in 24 hours

Algérie/virus: hausse record des contaminations en 24 heures

Algeria has recorded since Thursday, 240 cases of infections with the coronavirus, which was a record in 24 hours, almost three weeks after the first measurements of déconfinement, said Friday the ministry of Health.

The Maghreb countries are the most affected by the pandemic, a total of 12 685 people affected and cases and 885 deaths, said the spokesman of the Committee for scientific monitoring of the evolution of the pandemic, Djamel Fourar, during his daily press conference. This committee is under the supervision of the ministry of Health.

This is the highest rise in a day since the announcement of the first case at the end of February in Algeria. The previous peak dated 28 April (199).

Mr Fourar reported 9066 patients healed. A total of 29 832 persons received treatment is based on hydroxychloroquine, and 48 patients are in intensive care.

The latest daily statistics confirm an outbreak of foci of infections in the east and south-east of the country.

“This is the result of a looseness and a sort of letting-go, in particular, in certain wilayas (prefectures) as the Sétif and Biskra “, told AFP the president of the Council of the College of physicians Mohamed Bekkat.

For another expert, professor Idir Bitam, specialists in communicable diseases, the rise is due to a ” lack of civility of the population “.

Outside of Algiers, the population “does not comply with the gestures barriers,” since the lifting of the containment measures of the most stringent, said Dr. Bekkat who has called for a “strong reaction” of the State.

A portion of the shops has re-opened on 7 June in Algeria in the framework of a “road map” for the government release of the containment “progressive” and ” flexible “.

The second phase of the plan déconfinement started on 14 June, with limited recovery in urban transport.

In the Face of increasing cases of contamination, the government has decided to maintain until June 29, a curfew in 29 of the 48 wilayas of the country, including that of Algiers.

On the other hand, containment has been totally lifted in the other 19 provinces (wilayas).

The mask-wearing health is mandatory since may 24, and the offenders are sentenced to heavy fines.

According to the director general of the Pasteur Institute of Algeria (IPA), dr. Fawzi Derrar, Algeria wants to increase the number of screening laboratories.

Currently, approximately 2,500 screening tests are carried out on a daily basis in the different regions of the country, said Mr Derrar, quoted by the official news agency APS.

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