Alicia Moffet virtually

Alicia Moffet virtuellement

Alicia Moffet was expected to launch his first album at the Corona Theatre in the month of may. She finally had to push the output due to the… coronavirus. Thursday, via the platform Yoop, it has virtually presented his new compositions to 5000 people.

“It was impossible that I don’t do a launch for my first album “, was launched Alicia Moffet in his lodge a few minutes of its launch virtual.

The singer, who has long been languishing before releasing his first album, has decided to opt for the new platform, The Space Yoop, to present his new compositions.

The Journal was present to attend the delivery, which took place on the stage of salle Wilfrid-Pelletier. The singer of 21 years was expected to interpret six songs (Body High, On Your Mind, Take Control, Open Up, Sky, Beautiful Scar) and play the other parts in the mode ” listening session “.

“The first time I came here, I did “oh my God, this is huge!!!!” “said Alicia Moffet about the facilities of The Space Yoop at Place des Arts.

With its giant screens, which can retransmit the faces of 64 users, the platform has the air to be directly drawn from the popular series from Netflix, Black Mirror.

“It is the most close to reality that one can have in the situation where it is,” said Alicia, in relation to the pandemic. It is almost more cool than if it had been in the room. “

Interactive performance

On Thursday, the singer was accompanied by his musicians Gabriel Thibault (keyboard) and Vincent Gendron (guitar). She had even decided to bring his own couch on stage. “I thought it was concept, because it is all confined at home,” she explains.

Not less than 5000 people had paid 17,39 $ to attend virtually at launch. Alica Moffet has answered some of their questions, recounting, inter alia, that the album has taken two and a half years to do, and she has designed a few songs in Los Angeles.

Towards the end of the launch, it has welcomed the rapper FouKi, all pink dressed, to deliver the recent success Sky.

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