Alina Grosu has played in adult games with hot man video already online

Алина Гросу поиграла во взрослые игры с жарким мужчиной, видео уже в сети

Alina Grosu, a screenshot from the clip

today, 01:51

Famous Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who last year got married to Russian businessman Alexander Komkova and was done on a lavish wedding, often shares with fans on the social network Instagram with bright moments of life. This time the star showed hot videos with actor Roman Polyansky, which is a snippet of her new music video.

In a new video Alina and her partner appeared in the form of those of their own Bonnie and Clyde, while they with arms in their hands. This black and white video with bright accents in the form of a beret and red lipstick the singer and necktie Polanski. In the caption to the video Grosu reminded fans that recently presented a new video: “You are now #ARRESTED according to the article “love”. Subscribe and watch the full video in the description of the profile”. Fans delighted with new video Alina, the singer showered with compliments in the comments of the post.

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We will remind, Alina Grosu showed an unexpected talent, the fans love it.

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