Alina Grosu suddenly showed the “bed” video: “Sweet dreams”

Алина Гросу внезапно показала "постельное" видео: "Сладких снов"

Alina Grosu, Ivona

today, 08:05

Famous Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who recently married a Russian businessman, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. But this time the star’s great beauty surprised fans with a new “bed” video filmed herself on the phone.

As can be seen, in front of the camera Alina has appeared in sweet home image, a simple black-and-white striped blouse. Her hair loose and beautifully laid, but on the face there is no makeup. Grosu videos first puts his hand under his head, as if pointing to sleep, and then sends a kiss. And in the caption to the photo she wrote: “Sweet dreams, dear friends. And the new year is only 2 days. The most interesting that happened in your life this year?”. Fans are not left without attention of such publication to the artist, it is filled with compliments in the comments to the video.

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We will remind, Alina Grosu showed an unexpected talent, the fans love it.

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