Alina Grosu talked about his role in the TV series “Castle in the sand”

The actress claims that the new TV series “Castle in the sand” will appeal to many women

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Алина Гросу рассказала о своей роли в сериале "Замок на песке"

Alina Grosu

Sunday, 21 April at 17:00 on the channel “Ukraine” will show the premiere of the film “a castle in the sand” production companies “Filmstrip” and “Vileton Films”. One of the main roles in the film played the popular singer Alina Grosu.

“This project is very life – says Alina. – I think it will appeal to many, because every woman can see themselves in it. There are no bad people. Each character, even if he does bad, it is only because of our own circumstances. I am convinced that bad people do not exist, and they do badly because of need, due to the fact that they have something missing in my life”.

In an interview Today.Lifestyle Alina spoke in detail about his character.

– Alina, tell us who you play?

– This is quite a controversial and difficult character, because she grew up without parents. You know, for the child is a big injury. I love my family, and even imagining for a second that they are not, I feel unbearable hurt in my heart. From this work and the emotions that surely need in the frame. However my character she is very strong. She used to go for their goals and achieve what he wants.

– Hard to get used to the role?

– I wouldn’t say that. This is a character I understand. She doesn’t have any supernatural, strange muddied. She’s not crazy. Olga is an ordinary girl, which has a rather broken life. Perhaps my heroine has no such stable principles to which it adheres, but it was not proper education. So Olya is different.

That is very nice – I played a girl who is younger than me. Makeup was much less because usually on set I was asked to recolor or to make me a vamp. And when you first play a negative character, and the person wants to worry, with such a young, it is wonderful.

Алина Гросу рассказала о своей роли в сериале "Замок на песке"

Alina Grosu

– And there is something to learn from this character?

– A man from such a fate is possible to learn resilience. But since her hand will be some actions that will certainly cause controversy and negativity, I would personally never been reported. However, it is not a negative character.

– If I met such a character in life, what would you say to her?

– I would tell her one thing – be careful. Why – look at the TV channel “Ukraine”.

– How was working on this project?

– I first collaborated with Director Alexey Gusev. In a pleasant shock that it was so quick and easy that you understand it perfectly. All clearly, efficiently and on time. It’s nice that it was possible to slightly change the text by itself, and is not always resolved by the Directors. Sometimes it’s easier, clearer and more organic, when you say your own words that you use in life.

Alex enables us to offer and discuss, but as far as improvisation without approval – so best not to do on set. It is clear that when you play some kind of emotion, even if pronounced the same words, but each time you are experiencing them in new ways. As for action – if the camera is in front of you and shoots you, then you have no right to lift up his head or something to radically change. On the set is, of course, prohibited, because it is not theater. It all has to be not only organic, but also visible and clear to the audience. I really hope that the audience will enjoy this work.

Алина Гросу рассказала о своей роли в сериале "Замок на песке"

Alina Grosu on the set of the TV series “Castle in the sand”

– Have your heroine has an affair with someone from heroes?

– Of course, the love line is. All our films about love. That would not have happened in creativity – music or movies – everything is connected with love. And of course, in the plot of the film is always sharp conflict, which is mainly built on feelings. I really want our viewers to life was much more enjoyable moments than what they see in the movies.

Watch the premiere 4-part film “a castle in the sand” on Sunday, April 21, at 17:00 on TV channel “Ukraine”.

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