Alina Grosu visited favorite place of Russian writers, you’ll never guess where it is

Алина Гросу побывала в любимом месте российских писателей, никогда не угадаете где это

Alina Grosu, Instagram

today, 08:59

Famous Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who last year got married to Russian businessman Alexander Komkova and was done on a lavish wedding, often shares with fans on the social network Instagram with bright moments of life. This time star beauty showed unusual photo, which poses in an interesting place in an interesting city.

As it turned out, after Prague Alina went to the German Baden-Baden, where she has managed to put a bright photo. In a new photo the singer appeared in a flirtatious manner, she is depicted on a beautiful balcony in a pretty courtyard. Her long red and black dress in a large cage, which beautifully emphasized the graceful figure of a star. Her hair down in a beautiful packing and easy on the face makeup, Alina straightens her hair and stares into the camera. And in the caption to the photo she said: “the City where there were Tolstoy and Turgenev. Where Dostoyevsky lost all his fortune and began to write the novel “Player”.

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We will remind, Alina Grosu showed an unexpected talent, the fans love it.

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