Alina Grosu was intrigued by the mysterious network of video: I was allowed

Алина Гросу заинтриговала сеть загадочным видео: мне разрешили

Alina Grosu

Famous Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who has long lived and worked in Russia, likes to attract attention and to shock the audience successfully makes on his page in Instagram. She often posts Nude pics, showing the audience how she grew up, and that no longer has the curly “bees”, to which all are accustomed.

And this time, Alina was not surprised by her audience, she posted a video, that’s great intrigued their fans. Looks like starry beauty is something to celebrate and makes it incredibly nicely, and even did not forget to boast of it in the social network. The video, which was published Alina, you can see a cloud of silvery pink balloons that she released into the sky. And it all happens in Prague, where he now travels the artist.

As seen in the video, Alina went for a walk with balls in a dark outfit, she stands sideways to the camera. Her hair down in beautiful styling for a light makeup and a bit sad expression. This is not surprising, because it lets in the sky is a beautiful cloud of bubbles. In the caption to the video Alina Grosu left the English verse, and has assured fans that she was allowed to produce these bulbs.

“If we still exist If we still exist,
I can let go of my fear I can let go of your fear
Fear of normalcy Fear of normality
Fear of the Fear of solid solid
Walls of our future Wall of our future
And let go of my past And let go of my past

PY.Sy. I authorize the release of these balls they are from a biodegradable material,” wrote Alina. This publication does not remain without attention of fans, fans began to actively discuss this video and the way Alina on it.

Recall, Katy Perry revealed her “Secret love”.

Previously portal “Znayu” he reported that Grosso was first boasted groom.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Alina Grosu caught in the arms of the handsome young man.


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