Alizée mom : his eldest daughter reveals the face of Maggy

Alizée maman : sa fille aînée dévoile le visage de Maggy

Alizée is the mother of a second child : his older daughter reveals a photo of baby’s face

For the second time, Alizée became a mother. The singer of Moi… Lolita has given birth to a baby girl, her first child with Grégoire Lyonnet. His eldest daughter, Annily, posed with his little sister and unveiled this adorable photo on Instagram. A first image on which one discovers the baby’s face.

The eldest daughter of Alizée shows her little sister

As you probably know, Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet have become parents of a baby girl’s first name original : Maggy. This is 24 November 2019 that the singer gave birth to her second child. Then that Alizée had shared pictures of her baby bump when she was pregnant, it is now his eldest daughter, Annily Chatelain, 14 years old (she had with Jérémy Chatelain from Star Academy 2) who has posted a picture revealing the face of the baby.

On his account Instagram, the teenager has shown what looks like his little sister. Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet, had posted images revealing the labor of their first child together. In the caption of his post, Annily said with happiness : “life is beautiful”, followed by a émoji arc-en-ciel.

A beautiful black and white photo

On the picture in black and white published by big sister Maggy, internet users can discover the two daughters of the winner of Dancing with the stars season 4. Annily is the baby in her arms, well-bundled up warm in a wool jacket, with a turban on the head and a lollipop in the mouth. A little princess in the eyes, half closed, which is already a lot like her mom and her sister.

Coralie Licata, the wife of Christophe Licata, the finds “so beautiful”. An opinion that is unanimous in the comments, the subscribers, having declared : “Too cute”, “What love”, “The wonders”, “Adorable”, “Welcome to Maggy and congratulations to the proud parents and the proud big sister” , or “What grace and beauty, this shot ! Thank you for sharing”.

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