All of our perfect days : the movie Netflix is inspired by a true story

Tous nos jours parfaits : le film de Netflix est inspiré d'une histoire vraie

All of our perfect days : the film is inspired by a true story

Available from this Friday 28 February on Netflix, All of our perfect days with Elle Fanning and Justice Smith tells the story of love between two teens. But did you know that the film, itself adapted from a novel written by Jennifer Niven, is in fact inspired by a true story ? Warning, this article contains spoilers, don’t go any further if you haven’t seen the film, and you do not want to know.

A bit like Our stars contrary to that made us cry (and not a little…) in the rooms, All of our perfect days we found very moving. In the film, Violet (Elle Fanning) always touched by the death of his sister in a road accident, fell in love with Finch (Justice Smith), a teen suffering from mental disorders. At the end of the film, Finch would die in circumstances that are unclear. The novel, published in 2015, was much darker since it dealt with more clearly in the suicide and brought an answer clearer to the death of Finch.

Jennifer Niven is inspired by its history

To write his novel, All The Bright Places in English, the author Jennifer Niven is inspired by its own history and of the death of a boy that she was close. “I have known and lost a boy that I really liked years ago. It was a profound experience for me has broken the heart. I knew that I wanted to write about it one day but I didn’t know when it would happen” she confided to The Hollywood Reporter. As Finch, the boy in question was suffering from a mental illness : he was bipolar.

It is 2013, after the death of its former agent, that the author has found the inspiration. “I had not talked to anyone, and I sat and I wrote it in six weeks,” she added. All of our perfect days “has been published in 2015 in the United States.

She had imagined Elle Fanning in Violet

Elle Fanning has been attached to the project of adaptation in film for Netflix from the start. Coincidence (or not), Jennifer Niven has always imagined the actress by writing the color Purple. “I was super happy because no one knew it but I had imagined It in Purple when I was writing the story. Even if All of our perfect days is a very personal book, I need to imagine someone other than me in Purple. So I wrote the book with her in mind and nobody knew, “said Jennifer Niven.

In his interview, the one that also co-wrote the screenplay for the film is also confides on the family of the young deceased man who inspired the character of Finch. “They are very proud of the book. Some of her nieces have known that when they were little girls, and they do not remember much of him, have not been able to get to know him. I know that his sisters are very happy that their children were able to know him through this novel,” she says.

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