All responsible!

The health crisis has brought shame to the CHSLD. The horror and indecency as it has become impossible to ignore, the company was indignant, and the political class is dealing with.

But incriminons not only the health system and the governments which have succeeded one another, as guilty as they are.

In reality, the slaughter of the NURSING homes, it is a géronticide which we are collectively responsible.


As a society, we swim in the contradictions.

We love to denounce the inequalities rely on the solidarity and we are proud to ” pay it forward “.

We care about the temperature it will be in 50 years. About 300 000 people have also expressed enthusiastically alongside Greta Thunberg last September.

We indignons, and with reason, of the treatment of animals.

We welcome the new right to ” die with dignity “.

However, today, we are horrified at the magnitude of the institutional violence that is rampant in NURSING homes. Yet, we know since long that the living conditions in these settlements are on the borders of humanity.

But have we ever organized a demonstration to denounce the unacceptable ?

Have we ever demanded that either respected the right of the most vulnerable to live and be cared for in dignity ?

And have we never thought of that ” pay it forward “, it is also respect those who have built Quebec ?


To listen to our elected officials, to provide the air conditioning and ensure the comfort of 31 000 residents of the CHSLD is a challenge to budgetary and organizational almost insurmountable. In contrast, Quebec has easily elongated 276 million $ to “save” the Cirque du Soleil. This is the equivalent of 8900 $ per resident !

The Circus is certainly a pride of quebec. But should it happen before the basic care, even before the life, of our parents and grandparents ? Certainly not !

Yet, few people will denounce this heresy policy.

Let us, however, that, by our silence, even our complacency, we endorse tacitly the unspeakable abuse of the most vulnerable !

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