All the boys I’ve loved 2 : Noah Centineo prefer the couple Lara and John Ambrose

A tous les garçons que j'ai aimés 2 : Noah Centineo préfère le couple Lara et John Ambrose

All the boys I’ve loved 2 : Noah Centineo prefer the couple Lara and John Ambrose

This is Peter Kavinsky, who will be the head. While his character is the face of John Ambrose McClaren, a new competitor in the heart of Lara Jean in the film all the boys I’ve loved 2 – I still love you (Netflix), Noah Centineo has revealed to prefer the latter.

New boyfriend for Lara ?

In the film all the boys I’ve loved 2, available since this Wednesday, February 12, on Netflix, a new character makes its appearance on the screen and not least, John Ambrose McClaren, played by Jordan Fisher, aka… one of the love-interest of Lara Jean (Lana Condor) at the time of the college.

Problem for Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo), when it finally responds to his letter, Lara Jean, who seems to be happy along with Peter, see his heart to know a few jolts, and to be taken from nostalgia in the face of this beautiful return of the past. A situation that is likely to upset many viewers but which is approved at 100% by Noah Centineo.

Noah Centineo supports the couple Lara/John

On the occasion of a meeting with fans to be attended by The Hollywood Reporter, the actor has, indeed, told : “this is what I can tell you : I am Team John“. So, we assure you, Noah Centineo is an early supporter of the couple Peter/Lara, “I really believe that they are perfect with one another for the moment. They are together, they are in high school, it is passionate about…

However, he later confessed, it was difficult to see the two lovers take on the long-term : “But I think, perhaps after college, later in life, it is possible that John comes back again. It is super cute“.

Is this a clue to the direction taken by this love story in the next film (Has all the boys I’ve loved 3 has already been shot), expected next year on the platform ? We can already fear the worst…

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