All the boys I’ve loved 2 : the duo of Lara Jean/Peter threatened in the new trailer

All the boys I’ve loved 2 : the new trailer

Valentine’s day may be not so romantic as this to Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky. This is the 12 February that all the boys I’ve loved 2, PS : I love you always will be available in France on Netflix. If the first trailer teasait of romance for the characters played by Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, the new trailer is much less positive.

In August 2018, it creaked for Peter Kavinsky – and for Noah Centineo – in Has all the boys I’ve loved adapted from the novel by Jenny Han. Big success of Netflix, the film will be entitled to two suites. Has all the boys I’ve loved 2 arrives just in time for Valentine’s day of how warm our little hearts. Or breaking them.

The arrival of John Ambrose is going to change everything

In the first part, the little sister of Lara Jean sent 5 letters written by the young teen boys she had a crush which allowed Lara Jean to win a lover : Peter. But their torque can it last ? Not so sure. As we know, this sequel, which arrives on 12 February will see the arrival of a new pretender : John Ambrose McClaren (Jordan Fisher) who said that Lara Jean had a crush on several years earlier. His coming will upset the daily life of the couple as you can see in the new trailer to discover in our slideshow.

John Ambrose will he seduce Lara Jean and take the place of Peter ? Will there be a right to a break heart-rending ? It is possible if we are to believe the images that show the tensions between the two high school students. One thing is for sure, break or not, the characters will be back in the third movie that has already been filmed but the release date has not yet been announced by Netflix.

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