All went well to restore the orbit of a girl

Tout s’est bien déroulé pour restaurer l’orbite d’une fillette

Resection of the tumor of a young Montreal for 8 years would not have been able to better unfold, said yesterday its surgeons a few minutes after leaving the operating theatre.

“It was a great summer, we are really happy. We executed exactly what we had planned to do and it went really well, ” says Dr. Alexander Weil, pediatric neurosurgeon at the Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine.

The Newspaper reported yesterday the story of Chanez Atmani, a girl of 8 years who had to undergo an operation the same day to restore its orbit right, eaten away by a tumor.

At around 15: 30 yesterday, she was already in a stable condition to the intensive care unit of Sainte-Justine hospital, Montreal, to the great delight of all.

“Honestly, the best time of the surgery, this is when you talk with the parents after. Each time, it is so emotional to see their relief, ” describes Dr. Daniel Borsuk, chief of plastic surgery at Sainte-Justine.

Finished off the dizziness

After three years of headaches and dizziness, the girl has finally, more of the tumor into the orbit of his right eye.

“The brain is correct, the eyes are correct, everything is well fitted, our models were perfect. The tumor was removed in full. Now, it just takes him time to heal, ” adds Dr. Borsuk.

Tout s’est bien déroulé pour restaurer l’orbite d’une fillette

André-Anne Roy
Surgeon and artist

It only took six and a half hours for both physicians and their colleague, Dr. André-Anne Roy, have managed to make it to Chanez Atmani the symmetry of his face, thanks to an implant printed by 3D, a first in Quebec.

In contrast to the operations of ” reconstruction “, this “restoration” of the orbit’s aim was to recreate the form, function, but also the aesthetics of before the tumor.

“The software is improving with each intervention, and it becomes less and less expensive, and more and more used […] in Quebec,” says Dr. Borsuk, who hopes that the practice will be normalized.

follow-up tight

This morning the two surgeons have to scan it again the skull of their patient to see the result of the operation.

Then, it should be transferred to another wing, waiting to go home in about a week, even though the recovery period varies from patient to patient, says Dr. Weil.

“We’re going to see it every day. […] When she will be able to eat by itself, that the pain will be controlled with pills by mouth, she will be able to walk, and that parents will feel comfortable bringing it back to the house, she could go, ” he continued.

Doctors will perform a few follow-ups over the next few weeks to ensure the healing of the wound, and then they go away gently to the meetings a few months apart.

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