Alla Mazur snapped offenders for fake about his tumor: “Someone decided to play with my disease”

Алла Мазур резко ответила обидчикам за фейк о своей опухоли: "Кто-то решил поиграть с моей болезнью"

Alla Mazur

today, 08:21

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Alla Mazur, who recently announced his cancer, has denied rumors that spread in the network.

So, there is information about what Mazur allegedly offered to become coach of the Comedy program “the League of laughter”. But leading on his page on Instagram called this news a fake.

According to her, about any Comedy career at the present time cannot be considered. Moreover, she does not want to speculate on the state of health and will continue to do its work.

Алла Мазур резко ответила обидчикам за фейк о своей опухоли: "Кто-то решил поиграть с моей болезнью"

Alla Mazur

“And of course we have to refute the fake one. Because someone decided to play with my illness and wrote that I was invited by the coach to the League of laughter, and now here’s the problem, can not – must report: it is not true. Will have to disappoint those who “worry” about my Comedy career. I remain in the news. And I will continue to do their work: information,” – said Alla Mazur.

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In turn, many fans of the TV presenter thanked her for her sincere support in the social network.

“I wish you, alia, you full recovery,” “Recovering! Let God help you!”, “Alia, I sincerely wish to win! Power to you, sweetie! All will certainly be good, because how many people wish you the best, as a mother, and a dear person,” wrote subscribers.

We will remind, Alla Mazur recently admitted that they have cancer.

As reported by the portal Znaia the oncologist told us how to recognize the cancer.

The portal also Znayu wrote, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is on the mend after surgery.

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