Alla Pugacheva – 70! TOP 10 hits of the incomparable Diva

On this day, Alla Borisovna will give a Grand concert

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Алле Пугачевой - 70! ТОП-10 хитов несравненной Примадонны

Alla Pugacheva

Today, 15 April, the Russian pop Diva Alla Pugacheva celebrates its anniversary. The star marks 70 years! In honor of the anniversary on 15 April Alla will give a Grand concert, the preparation of which is very active. Even in the network appeared the first pictures from the rehearsals 69-year-old Diva. Today.Lifestyle offers to remember the most vivid hits of the Divas.

“Harlequin”, 1975

With that song Alla Pugacheva real fame came. With this song began the solo career of the prima Donna. And this song brought victory to the singer and the ensemble “Jolly fellows” in the contest “Golden Orpheus” in 1975.

“Do not deny loving”, 1977

Lyricist – poet Tushnov Veronica Mikhailovna. Itself Pugacheva, according to rumors, considers this song the best in his repertoire.

“Same as all”, 1978

This song called “song about me”, which probably had to prove that the prima Donna of the ordinary man. In 2010, the group “A-Studio” recorded cover of this hit.

“You there”, 1983

The daughter of Alla Borisovny Christina Orbakajte in 1997, he recorded his cover version. But first-you still have Joe. The song is incredibly gentle and clean.

“Iceberg”, 1983

This song is for all times and generations. This song found a second life and even in the cartoon “Nu, pogodi!”.

“Million scarlet roses”, 1985

The song is based on a true love story Georgian artist Nikolai Pirosmanishvili to French actress Marguerite de Sevres, which in Tiflis in 1909, they toured. Konstantin Paustovsky even reflected it in his book “the Story of a life.” The song became immortal hit.

“Love is like a dream”, 1994

This hit of Alla Pugacheva Philip Kirkorov dedicated and it became the “Song of the year-94” and was recognized by the award “the ovation” the best song of the decade.

“Call me”, 1998

The author of the hit – Novosibirsk poetess Tatiana snezhina – died in a car accident and stellar hour of his songs saw. But this song became immortal.

“Opyat Metel”, 2007

In 2007 came the film “Irony of fate. Continuation”, the soundtrack to which was the heartfelt song “another Snowstorm”. Performed Alla Pugacheva with daughter Christina Orbakajte.

“They beat us – we fly”, 2014

Video appeared on the singer’s birthday, April 15, 2013, and has caused public resonance: appear in the video footage of the protests and rallies.

We will remind, earlier it became known that Alla Pugacheva will celebrate the 70th anniversary at a private party, and it became known, who will invite the actress to the event, where and in what format it will take place.

Watch the video on what money lives Alla Pugacheva:

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Алле Пугачевой - 70! ТОП-10 хитов несравненной Примадонны

Алле Пугачевой - 70! ТОП-10 хитов несравненной Примадонны

Алле Пугачевой - 70! ТОП-10 хитов несравненной Примадонны


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