Allegation of sexual misconduct: Denounced, Éric Lapointe “categorically denies”

Allégation d'inconduite sexuelle: Dénoncé, Éric Lapointe «nie catégoriquement»

The wave of public denunciations caught up with Eric Lapointe and, as his former manager, Yves-François Blanchet, the enfant terrible of show business québécois has denied the offence of a sexual nature that has been alleged by a woman on Facebook.

The name of the singer, known for his pranks and his alcohol abuse, has surfaced, late Wednesday night, on the page of the Hyenas in petticoats, the same forum where similar allegations have referred to the leader of the Bloc québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, the day before.

The woman in question claims to have been assaulted by the singer during the filming of a music video for which she had been hired as a extra, there are a dozen of years.

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Driven into a piece

In her testimony, she claims that the singer would have driven in a room, between two shots, and would have tried to touch it, showing himself to be very insistent.

Thursday morning, the team of Eric Lapointe has “categorically denied” the allegations against them in a message published on Facebook. “It does, however, encourage people who have experienced abuse to file a complaint with the police “, says one.

Yves-François Blanchet, who has watched the interests of the rock until he makes the jump to policy, at the end of the years 2000, had asked the responsible person of the allegations made about him ” to bring a complaint to the competent authorities “.


In the entourage of Eric Lapointe, everyone remained silent. Or her record label Instinct Musique, or his agent to show, or the firm in charge of its media relations have responded to the calls of the Log.

On the web, several women have supported the denunciatory anonymous, and some have testified of gestures on the part of the singer. In written testimony to a Journal, two of them have said, under the cover of anonymity, to have been victims of inappropriate touching on the part of Eric Lapointe.

One recalled an event that took place when taking photos with the fans, in may 2017, while the other spoke of an incident which apparently took place in a lodge where she had gone with a photographer and artists at the bar Exit, in Montreal, in February 2015.

This case occurs then that Lapointe is currently facing criminal charges of assault in connection with an episode of alleged domestic violence. Indicted in October 2019, he had abandoned his armchair coach to The Voice of its nominations at the ADISQ Gala.

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