Allegations of sexual misconduct: Anarchopanda dropped by the media and activists groups

Allégations d'inconduite sexuelle: Anarchopanda largué par un média et des groupes militants

An independent media and activists groups have severed their links with teacher Julien Villeneuve, better known under the name Anarchopanda, after allegations of sexual misconduct were circulated about it on the social networks.

“As you all and all, we continue to follow closely the wave of denunciations. Please be aware that any collaboration to Ricochet of a person is denounced, as is the case of Julien Villeneuve recently (Anarchopanda), will cease immediately”, one can read, since Saturday, on the page Facebook of the web media independent Ricochet, where he had already signed texts.

Since a few weeks, a wave of allegations of harassment of a sexual nature circulating about several of the personalities on the social networks. Several testimonies, including that which relates to Mr. Villeneuve, are anonymous.

Julien Villeneuve has written a brief message Friday on its Twitter accounts and Facebook named Anarchopanda for free education. “Allegations circulating in my place on the social networks. I will reply to it shortly, but I need a bit of time, because I’m honestly in shock. I’m not a predator”, can we read.

Julien Villeneuve is a professor of philosophy at the Collège de Maisonneuve, but is mostly known for his alias Anarchopanda, who has acquired a certain celebrity during the student protests of 2012. Mr. Villeneuve had made several appearances in events at the time, wearing a panda outfit, and had thus become an icon of this movement.

He had been active in militant groups and on the social networks. He has also filed a petition for unconstitutionality of the superior Court for by-law P-6, for the prohibition of wearing a mask at a protest, for which he had been successful.

The two groups to which he was a partner, is Manifest without fear and the standing Committee of support for the protesters-es (CPSM®), also have announced on social networks that they would cease their collaboration with Mr. Villeneuve.

The College of Maisonneuve has not made a public release about it.

The 24 Hours was contacted by Julien Villeneuve, the Collège de Maisonneuve, Turn, to Express without fear and the standing Committee of support for the protesters-es to attempt to obtain their comments, without success.

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