Allegations of Sexual Misconduct: “I am an alcoholic and I am recovering, one day at a time”

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct: “I am an alcoholic and I am recovering, one day at a time”

Nearly six months after being denounced by nine women who accused him of sexual misconduct, comedian Julien Lacroix broke the silence on social networks on Tuesday, confessing his alcoholism and apologizing to the people he injured. His ex-wife, Geneviève Morin, as well as the comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt, reacted to his apologies.

Hi everyone, I admit I’m very nervous about writing to you but I feel like I’m doing it for the maids …

Published by Julien lacroix sure Tuesday, January 12, 2021

“I am breaking the silence, after a lot of shame, regret and sadness,” he wrote Tuesday morning on his Facebook page which has more than 193,000 subscribers.

Is Julien Lacroix subtly preparing his return to professional life? He assures us not.

“This speech, I do not do it with the aim of announcing a return,” he said. I do it to apologize to the people I have deeply hurt. I also do it out of respect for the people who have followed me for years, but above all for my relatives, my lover and my little brothers ”.

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Julien Lacroix then affirmed that he supported the wave of denunciations that occurred last summer, “despite the major impacts it had in my life,” he confides. I am aware that this is how revolutions are made and necessary changes take place. It is abnormal that in 2021, so many men continue to have toxic behaviors. I never want to be in that category again. “

“Long therapeutic process”

He reiterated that he was now working every day to “humbly become a better person”.

“I have started a long therapeutic process that will last my entire life. I also joined groups of young men who want to get out of it and discuss without being judged, ”he adds.

The comedian also confessed his alcoholism. “(J) ‘I stunned my discomfort with alcohol, drugs and later work. […] I don’t want to hide behind this disease in any way. I am an alcoholic and I am recovering one day at a time. “

The duty revealed on July 27 the testimonies of nine women who accused the comedian of sexual misconduct, including non-consenting relationships.

Among them, Geneviève Morin, who was his girlfriend for six years, claimed that he sexually assaulted her eight months after their breakup.

“I told him ‘no, stop’ and, despite that, he continued, she had confided. I was crying but he did what he had to do and when he was done he put his pants back on and said to me: “Stop crying, you don’t know how much I love you”, and he left “.

“I’m tired of crying”

The latter reacted to her first public outing, Tuesday, at the end of the afternoon on Instagram, citing the poem The Nectar of Pain, by author and activist Najwa Zebian, who begins with “It’s our story that haunts me, I don’t want you in my life anymore.”

“I’m tired of crying,” Geneviève Morin wrote under the post.

Later in the evening, comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt, who supported the victims last July, also reacted strongly with a long message on Facebook.

She claimed that his apology was rushed, and that contrary to what he said, rumors are circulating that he would prepare his return to work with a production company.

“I am in good faith,” she said. (…) I am for redemption. But right now, it seems to me like a formatted message. A message written by image professionals. “

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