Allegations of Sexual Misconduct | Julien Lacroix comes out of his silence

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct |  Julien Lacroix comes out of his silence

Almost six months after being targeted by allegations of sexual misconduct, comedian Julien Lacroix, hiding in silence since the events, spoke Tuesday on his social platforms to apologize and talk about his “process of recovery ”, revealing in these lines his addiction to alcohol and drugs.

“I break the silence, after a lot of shame, regret and sadness”, writes Julien Lacroix in a publication relayed on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

Repentant throughout his message, he presents his “sincere apologies to the people [qu’il a] injured ”. “Know that I take responsibility for my actions and that I work every day to repair what I have broken in others and in myself,” he adds, before indicating his support for the denunciations movement that has had “Major impacts in [sa] life “. Occurring last summer, this new wave in Quebec following the #metoo movement targeted and brought down several artists, including Lacroix himself.

The actor and comedian reveals in his message to be an alcoholic and to recover, “one day at a time”. “From a very young age, I ignored the problems I had, I stunned my discomfort with alcohol, drugs and later work,” he writes. I forgot to pay attention to the human and the people around me. ”

He claims to have started a long therapeutic process and to have integrated “groups of young men who want to get out and discuss without being judged. ” Without wanting ” [se] hide behind this disease ”, Julien Lacroix puts it in touch with his past actions.

Six months ago, nine women told the Duty to have been victims of sexual misconduct on the part of Julien Lacroix. On the day the article was published at the end of July, the now 28-year-old man spoke on Facebook to refute the allegations against him. “I am not an angel, but neither a demon, and certainly not the sexual predator that has plagued the decade as The duty describes me [lundi] morning, ”he said in particular.

The links with its management team, Groupe Phaneuf, were then severed, while the artist announced that he was taking a break from his professional projects. Julien Lacroix has not made a public appearance since and his Instagram account, like his Facebook account, had remained inactive until Tuesday’s publications.

In this outing which puts an end to his silence, the winner of four Olivier, whose prolific career led him to multiply stage and television appearances, ensures that his speech is not intended to “announce a return”, but only to apologize.

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