“All's well That ends well”

“All's well that ends well”


After a whole year of making fans languish, we now know who is the chosen one of Victor's heart in the American series Love, Victor . And if the wait was unbearable for the fans, it was just as much for the actors. 

Let's rewind first. June 2021. The second season of Love, Victor ends leaving fans spellbound. Until then torn between his suitors Rahim and Benji, the title character seems to have finally decided. But which of the two boys did he choose?

“The comment section on my social media has been bombarded with this question for a year! It's a lot of pressure. I can't wait for it to be over,” laughs Anthony Keyvan, aka Rahim.

The secret – which will not be revealed in these lines, rest assured – was therefore difficult to keep for the young American actor. In videoconference with Le Journal, he weighs his own words, careful to avoid any disclosing comments. 

” Let's say that all is well that ends well, and I think the fans are going to be very happy. Interpret that however you want,” he says with a smile.

In fact, we no longer need to interpret. The answer to this question can be found at the very beginning of the first episode of the third season of Love, Victor, available on Disney+ for a few days. 

In this series derived from the hit film Love, Simon, a teenager navigates the vagaries of love, friendship and family relationships after coming out as gay in the hallway of his high school. 

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But Victor is not the only one to have experienced a major turning point in his life during the second season. Because we also saw a timid romance between the characters of Lucy (Ava Capri) and Lake (Bebe Wood) in the very last episode. 

The trailer for the new season has finally confirmed , last month, that the two women were indeed a couple now. 

“It's very exciting that people can see the beginnings of this relationship and see it grow and evolve,” said Ava Capri in an interview with Journal

< p>But as all good things must come to an end, Love, Victor bows out today after three seasons on the air. The filming of the latter left a bittersweet taste in Anthony Keyvan's mouth.

“We were happy to have had the opportunity to tell these stories and to be able to complete each of the loops before the adventure ends. But on the other hand, I lived the most emotional days of my career; I cried hot tears after my last scene, says the actor. 

“I saw how much our characters and their stories touched people. To be able to have such a real and lasting impact on them, at our age, at the start of our careers… It's very special. We were very lucky”, he concludes. 

  • The third season of Love, Victor is available on Disney+.