Almost a million of books the niece of Trump sold on the first day

Quasiment un million de livres de la ni├Ęce de Trump vendus le premier jour

The book of the niece of the american president on the clan Trump’s brother Donald Trump has tried in vain to prevent the release, and has sold more than 950,000 copies in the United States on the first day of its release on Tuesday.

“Too much and never enough” (“Too Much and Never Enough”), of which the French version will be released in October, presents Donald Trump as a pathological liar and a narcissistic subject.

The author, Mary Trump, who is a psychologist, accuses the u.s. president of having contributed to undermine his father, Fred Trump Jr, the brother of Donald Trump.

Older brother of Donald, Fred Trump Jr., died in 1981, at the age of 42, of a heart attack that his family was linked to alcoholism, which he suffered for more than ten years.

Fred Jr would have badly lived the family pressure that pushed him to work alongside his father in real estate development, when he aspired to become a pilot.

New book on Donald Trump since his election to the presidency of the United States, the book is the first written by a member of the clan with a freedom of tone new.

The 950 000 copies sold in one day, including pre-orders, as well as audio versions and digital, are a record for the publishing house Simon & Schuster, said the publisher in a press release issued Wednesday.

The White House has described the book as “misleading”, fed”allegations” are without foundation.

Another brother of Donald Trump, Robert, had seized the justice to prevent the release of the book, in vain.

Simon & Schuster has ordered new prints, which will have the number of copies printed to 1.15 million, only for the american market.

The book is also a head of sales in the Amazon site in Canada and Australia.

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