Almost decapitated during a ride jet ski

Presque décapité lors d’une promenade en motomarine

A Laval, who was almost beheaded on the jet ski after crashing into the full force of the cables in metal “poorly reported,” under a bridge continues the company responsible for its construction, as well as the City of Laval for close to $ 100 000.

“How is it that the company made to build the bridge without signs to tell us not to go there ? “says Alexander Tiraspolski, which is still recovering two years after the accident that could have cost him his life.

On may 25, 2018, Mr. Tiraspolski across the rivière des Prairies on its watercraft in the company of four friends, as he had already done several times in the past.

Careful, the experienced driver was ” attentive to the signs coastal “, one can read in the civil suit, addressed to the City of Laval and the company Eurovia, in charge of the construction.


However, when approaching the bridge near the rue Dupont in Laval, there was nothing to suggest a construction zone, and still less that of the cables of iron “is very difficult to discern” hanging below, ” continues the court document.

Under the bridge in construction, it was virtually impossible to discern the iron cables, even when the cones have been placed, three days after the accident.

“By making the seadoo, see steel cables, without banners orange for the revive, and without signs marine… it was downright concealed, camouflaged […] It was a risk inherent to all boaters,” stresses his lawyer, mr. Jimmy Ernst Jr Laguë-Lambert.

As he passed under the bridge, the Ukrainian origin, 38 years of age, has been achieved simultaneously in the face, shoulder as well as throat, before being thrown violently out of his boat, ” narrowly avoiding being decapitated “, submits the prosecution.

The scanning of the mouth of Alexander Tiraspolski after the accident reveals that the metal plate was installed to repair his jaw.

On his arrival at the hospital, Mr. Tiraspolski had to undergo an emergency operation to replace his fractured jaw using a metal plate, and to sew up his lip and his chin. He also suffered a brain injury light, and his teeth had been damaged.

The same person

Presque décapité lors d’une promenade en motomarine

Jimmy Ernst Jr Laguë-Lambert

“It’s been two years, and I still haven’t finished my treatment, longs. I lost a good year and a half of “good” life. I am not the same person, ” says Mr. Tiraspolski that claims 98 908,20 $, in damages and interest.

“It is unimaginable to put a cable of iron, then, that there is no warning. My client is passed to two fingers of dying. It is negligence, ” concludes Me Laguë-Lambert.

The City of Laval and the company Eurovia have preferred not to comment, because the case is before the courts.


“I’m greedy, I love food ; it makes me feel alive and happy. But I can no longer chew, I have to inject the food liquefied with a tube in my mouth […] I can’t go to dinner with friends. “

“I can no longer enjoy beautiful temperatures on the river with my jet ski. I am traumatized and scared for life […] All this makes me sick, angry and depressed. “

“I’m an independent consultant. I travel to meet my clients, but I can’t do this because my mouth is completely closed. I am ashamed and disgusted of my missing teeth […] I can’t speak properly […] I can’t smile or laugh. “

– With the collaboration of Diane Best

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