Alonzo in interview : a return of the Psy4 of the rime ? “I never said that we were in the studio,”

Alonzo interview

At 36 years of age, Alonzo has just released her new album “Stone”. The rapper speaks out in interview on Pure Break on the criticisms, the street, the work request a project like his own and denies the return of Psy4 of the rime.

More than ever, Alonzo has the ability to adapt to all the modes, and to remain efficient for the rappers of the young generation are eager to work with him. The Papé is not about to retire… And he proves it on his new album “Stone”. “An album, it is a tremendous job,” he said in an interview for PRBK : “You have nothing without nothing in life. For people to understand, ‘Stone’, you may have experienced 45-50 pieces for, in the end, keep as 16”. Rapper technique, Alonzo often returns, which allows it to last for years. His other strength is to rap about what he lives, rather than seeking to address themes that he does not control : “I speak of what I know, what I can touch, what is palpable for me and it is the street. I also speak a lot to my family because these are two things that affect me closely, and that are in me. This is not wanted, it is spontaneous”.

To a return of Psy4 of the Rime ?

Necessarily, then he released his sixth solo album, the question of the reformation of the group Psy4 of the Rime, which he formed together with Soprano, Sya Styles, who passed away in 2015, is back on the mat. While about recent left a door open on a return, Alonzo cut short any rumor, explaining to PRBK : “every album, either Sopra or me, we are asked the question, and each time, it is very vague on this subject. I don’t know why this time, it was caught very firm. However, it is very clear on this. Today, it’s been a few years that we have lost the grand Sya Styles and it is very difficult for us to go into the studio because it was the backbone of the group, the composer and the producer of the albums. I do not even know, if we returned to the studio today, what color would have an album Psy4 because it is he who brought the musical side”. The idea is not abandoned, but it certainly will not be anytime soon : “But it is true that, perhaps in 2025 or 2030 maybe, redo an album because there has never been a group dissolved”. Still a little (a lot) of patience !


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