Alouettes: keep working

Alouettes: keep working


The Montreal Alouettes feel like they've shown their true colors by dominating the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Thursday night, but there's no question of resting on their laurels.

That's the message hammered home by head coach Khari Jones and quarterback Trevor Harris after scoring their first win in three games so far this season.

< p>“There is not really less pressure [on our shoulders],” said the Sparrows pilot following the victory of 37 to 13 of his.

“We just try to play good football week in and week out. This is the biggest challenge. We were close to winning in our first two games and we took things into our own hands this week. I hope our players have seen what we can be, one of the good teams in this league. Now we need to repeat that kind of effort.”

Harris meanwhile stressed the importance of taking nothing for granted.

“Great teams have good performances back to back,” said the 36-year-old veteran. We shouldn't win a game and be like, 'look at us, we're good now'. It's important to identify what we didn't do well and keep improving.”

A Proud Coach

One a key element of the Alouettes' success against their Saskatchewan rivals has been the performance of the special teams. These were dominant from start to finish.

It is obviously the first presence on the ground of the group led by Byron Archambault which will hold the attention. Returner Chandler Worthy returned the ball for 88 yards to register the “Als” first touchdown on a kickoff in nine years.

“This week, Chandler took the time to make several meetings extra 30 minutes. He didn't have to do this. It was his initiative, to make sure we were on the same page,” said Archambault.

“He deserves a lot of credit, but so does his teammates. For him to score that touchdown, the other 11 players had to block in front of him.”

“These guys give themselves every day and on every play. They work hard in training and in our meetings. I am very proud of them,” continued the special teams coordinator.

The Alouettes will try to build on their momentum next Saturday, when they reconnect with the Roughriders. This time, the duel will be presented in Western Canada.

“We know it will not be an easy task and that they will have the knife between their teeth”, affirmed Harris.