Alouettes: the game that changed the game

Alouettes: the game that changed the game


At the start of August, few observers would have predicted that the Alouettes would still be fighting for first place in the Canadian Football League East at the end of October . 

And yet, Danny Maciocia's troop will have the opportunity to steal the precious step that gives direct access to the section final to the Toronto Argonauts. She will, however, have to beat them twice in seven days. 

The 'Als' acting general manager and head coach, however, does not want his athletes to project themselves too much into the future.< /p>

“We talked about the great opportunity that is before us, without however talking about the first rank, indicated Maciocia. We have a game on Saturday at home and that's the challenge we have to focus on.”

“This opportunity did not exist a month and a half ago. There are a lot of people who were asking a lot of questions about our team,” he added.

And was the CEO one of those who had questions?

“Yes, I asked myself a lot of questions. Nobody was happy with the performance of our team. On the other hand, I have always believed in the training we have. I was convinced that we could achieve our goals if everyone started pushing in the same direction.”


While Maciocia has always believed in it, it doesn't always seem to have been the case among players. It took a special event for the members of the Alouettes to realize that they had the potential to do great things in 2022.

It all clicked on August 11, in a 20-to- 17 in overtime against the Blue Bombers in Winnipeg. Prior to this duel, the Sparrows were 2-4.

“The victory in Winnipeg was a well-deserved gain and there was a change in our mentality,” said safety Marc-Antoine Dequoy. It had an effect on our morale, because it was low before this game. There was a change in the coaches and maybe some players had questions. Winning against this great team made everyone believe in our potential.”

“Coming off the field in Winnipeg, the players felt like they had something unique and special “, also recalled Maciocia.

“They will fight until the end, added the GM. What I like about my team is the calm that reigns on the sidelines. It wasn't like that a few months ago. It's very inspiring, because I realized that our athletes never stop believing in their abilities.”

– The first of two duels against the “Argos” will take place this Saturday, at 4 p.m., at the Percival-Molson Stadium. Both teams will conclude their regular season seven days later in the Queen City.