Already at least 55 drownings this year in Quebec

Déjà au moins 55 noyades cette année au Québec

The grim toll of deaths related to drowning continues to increase, the Québec counting already at least 55 this year compared to 37 this time last year, note the lifesaving Society.

“It is very beautiful this year, and very hot, so necessarily there’s more people near the water, on the water and in the water […] The majority of these deaths are preventable,” laments the director-general, Raynald Hawkins.

Since Monday evening, a woman in her late twenties missing, after the boat on which it took place had hit a rock in a lake in Ste-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau in the Outaouais region, resulting in its four passengers into the water.

None of them was wearing a lifejacket, even if there was on board.

Floatation jacket

The young woman is the 55th victim of drowning this year, depending on what was counted the Company, which reiterates the importance of wearing a floatation jacket at all times on a river or near it.

“The floatation jacket will make all the difference. There have been examples in recent weeks of people who have frequented the rivers, and who had no intention of swimming, but who, unfortunately, have slipped, and ended up in the water. Stay on the beaten track “, he reiterates.

Mr. Hawkins also wants to remind swimmers to always be accompanied by a family member to cool off, in case any discomfort occurs.

“Generally speaking, the drowning is a phenomenon that is silent. People do not realize that the person is in the process of drowning “, he explains.

Holiday tragic

According to him, the holiday period is always the heaviest in terms of death in Quebec, in particular this year, because people can not travel.

“We hope that people follow our safety tips, so that they have stories to tell, rather than dramas to make a living for their loved ones,” says Mr. Hawkins.

-With the QMI Agency

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