Already more drownings than the total in 2019

Déjà plus de noyades qu’au total en 2019

The month of July is not yet finished and already in Quebec there are more deaths on the water this year that by 2019, with a grim toll of at least 60 victims.

At the same date last year, there were 19 drownings less, according to a compilation of the lifesaving Society.

“When I read each of the stories that the media reported, I often comes to the same conclusion : the deaths linked to the water was preventable “, has dropped Raynald Hawkins, director general of the lifesaving Society.

Up to now, the organization has documented at least 60 deaths, that is already two more than the total of the year 2019 complete.

Without floatation jacket

The last drowning accounted for is that of a father of a family of 47-year-old, who lost his life Monday evening in the park of Mont-Tremblant during a hike in a canoe on the river of the Devil.

For a reason unknown, Cornelius Solom Edwards found himself under water, without a floatation jacket.

Raynald hawkins
Lifesaving society

Déjà plus de noyades qu’au total en 2019

Unfortunately, he could not swim, has stressed the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

The man was pulled out of the waves, but the long-maneuvers of resuscitation did not bring him back to life.

“However, the sector of the river was not hollow, it speaks about four feet of water,” explained the sergente Eloise Cossette, spokesperson for the SQ.

The authorities are envisaging in particular the thesis of the discomfort.

If people had worn their jackets float, they would have been recovered quickly, and certainly saved, ” said Raynald Hawkins in front of the many drownings that accumulate since the beginning of the vacation of the consutruction.

“If the excuse is that we do not intend to go over board […] remember that when driving in a car, even if you don’t intend to have an accident, it will make the difference to wear his belt “, he illustrated.

And even then, it is necessary to wear when we bring it to you.

“You don’t know when you’ll need them,” concluded Mr. Hawkins.

– With the collaboration of Maude Ouellet

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