Alsu admitted that he made a terrible for your daughter

Алсу призналась, что совершила ужасное ради дочери

today, 14:30

Famous Russian singer Alsu made a Frank admission. The star of the Russian pop scene were told that buying votes in favor of the daughter, when she participated in the show “the Voice.Children.”

Alsou added that he had acted entirely within the rules established by the project, and those responsible for the scandal considers imperfect voting system, when one person had the right to vote up to 20 times. This became known thanks to a recent interview that Bella gave Ksenia Sobchak.

Алсу призналась, что совершила ужасное ради дочери

Singer Alsu with her daughter

“Yes, I bought votes. And now regret it. But I bought votes in the amount, which was welcomed and was allowed by the rules of the First channel. Moreover, in the framework of this so-called vote, which was actually an auction, all participants in all seasons bought their votes. Because it was impossible to vote, just do not paying. Each SMS cost money.”, – said Alsu in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak.

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