Altered resort dropping tourists in shock: photos

Paradise now looks depressing, say travellers

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Изменившийся до неузнаваемости курорт поверг туристов в шок: фото

Marie and Jack

A pair of travelers, Marie and Jack in may of 2018 took the picture on a pink beach in Komodo national Park (Indonesia). For photo lovers lie on the sand and around them – deserted beach pink and sky blue water. A year later they returned to this place, so much stuck with them and their followers on Instagram. But it turned out that during this time the coastal strip were covered with debris, and Paradise now looks depressing.

Изменившийся до неузнаваемости курорт поверг туристов в шок: фото

Marie and Jack in Indonesia

The bloggers took a picture with exactly the same angle. Only now, on the pink sand visible from afar even plastic bottles and packages that washed ashore with the surf. Under the photo of Marie and Jack wrote that plastic waste has already filled all the oceans and right now if you don’t act, soon the most beautiful beaches in the world going to look like this.

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The sand on the beach in Komodo national Park are colored pink because of the shells of microscopic single celled organisms – foraminifera. In total there are more than a dozen beaches with pink sand – they are in Greece, Spain and the Bahamas.

In early may, the travel bloggers from Belgium has published on its collaborative page in Instagram photos from your trip to Sri Lanka. In the picture, which scared many subscribers of a pair, beloved kissing, leaning from the open door going at full speed trains.

In addition, the “Today” wrote that the girl was hanging over the abyss for the sake of beautiful photos.

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