Aluminum: no reason to impose tariffs, ” said Fitzgibbon

Aluminium: aucune raison d’imposer des tarifs, dit Fitzgibbon

The minister of the Economy of Quebec, Pierre Fitzgibbon, says he is “convinced” that there was no reason for the United States to impose tariffs on its imports of aluminum from Canada.

“Such tariffs would undermine our economies, our aluminum green has always provided a stable supply to the u.s. market. We will continue to defend the interests of our aluminum industry”, he said on Tuesday, after the publication of information by Bloomberg.

The u.s. agency specializing in economic news reported that the administration Trump could impose tariffs of 10 % on its imports of aluminum canada as early as Friday.

The spokesman for the aluminum Association of Canada, Jean Simard, says he is “disappointed” but not “surprised”.

“What I think, it is speculative, it is that we are going to find themselves in the situation before the lifting of tariffs. Americans will pay more for the aluminium,” he said in an interview with the QMI Agency.

According to him, the workers of aluminium smelters in canada do not have to fear any potential cuts or closures.

“What we said to the canadian government, it is to “keep the cap, it adheres to the rules of the market and the situation will correct itself,”” said John Simard.

With the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, the automobile producers have drastically reduced their production, which has pushed the smelters to change their production lines to continue to operate their vessels.

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