Alvan & Ahez (Eurovision 2022) respond to criticism of their song in Breton (Interview)

The Eurovision 2022 final is this Saturday, May 14, 2022 live on France 2. Alvan & Ahez, the French group from Brittany, will represent France with their song Fulenn. Except that the lyrics of the song are written in the Breton language. And suddenly, the fact that the title is in Breton and not in French has created a big controversy. Alexis Morvan-Rosius, Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou responded to criticism.

Eurovision 2022: Alvan & Ahez criticized for their song in Breton, they respond to criticism

After the drug controversy around the singer of Måneskin at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, whose drug test was ultimately negative, place at Eurovision 2022. And there again, a bad buzz was created. And it concerns the candidates who represent France, namely Alvan & Ahez (Alexis Morvan-Rosius, singer from Rennes and the female vocal group from Carhaix, in Brittany). The quartet composed of Alvan/Alexis Morvan-Rosius, Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou, will perform their song Fulenn, during the final broadcast this Saturday May 14, 2022 on France 2. A title whose lyrics are in Breton. And that does not pass for some Internet users, who believe that French candidates should sing in the language of Molière to promote French…

During a interview for Pure Charts and PRBK, the artists returned to the criticisms of the Breton language of their song. Alvan confessed that he expected the attacks on Fulenn's lyrics, that he wasn't surprised: “Yes yes, that was for sure! When we found out that we were kept for the auditions, we said to ourselves: 'Imagine for a single second that it was Bretons representing France!'. Of course, that was going to make people talk . We immediately imagined the headlines: 'Oh la la, scandal, Bretons represent France in Breton!'. We, it makes us laugh in real life”.

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The Breton language “is part of our heritage”, “the three of us speak it all the time”

Sterenn has on its side underlined:“And it's part of our heritage! It's the language we've always sung, it's very natural to write it in Breton, it's a language that is very close to our hearts. All three of us speak it all the time, which is a problem for Alvan by the way!”. “I don't understand that shit” confirmed Alvan.

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The Breton language, “it's handy sometimes!” Sterenn added, and “it also represents all the other regional languages ​​we have in France. It was not necessarily something expected on the Eurovision scene. Maybe abroad, we consider France as if it were reduced to Paris or something very Frenchy, chic. But we are lucky to have a country super rich, in terms of cultural diversity, music, languages ​​of landscapes… We carry our language which is Breton but we represent the whole of France and the richness of the regions!”.

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