Alvaro Rico (Elite) and Ester Exposito : we know why they broke up 💔

Alvaro Rico (Elite) et Ester Exposito : on sait pourquoi ils ont rompu 💔

Alvaro Rico (Elite) and Ester Exposito : we know why they broke up

After more than a year of relationship, Alvaro Rico, and Ester Exposito separated. It is the interpreter of Polo in Elite, who confirmed their break-up, quite unexpectedly… without disclosing the reasons. Well, now we know why the two actors from the series Spanish Netflix are no longer a couple.

While Jaime Lorente and Maria Pedraza are always in couple, the latest news, Ester Exposito and Alvaro Rico, they are no longer together as announced by the interpreter of Polo in Elite with Hola : “What I have lived with Ester, because we are no longer together, even if I still love it a lot, has been beneficial. We have a good relationship. This is something that I don’t lose ever, even though the press says.” But why the two actors were-they broke up after a year of relationship ?

A problem of timing for Alvaro Rico and Ester Exposito ?

Their jobs of the time were apparently more complementary. Alvaro Rico and Ester Exposito would have preferred to be away from one another to devote themselves to their projects pro and to be more free if we believe the information to El Comercio. The two stars of’Elite would, therefore, not separated because of an argument or infidelity, just because of a timing issue. These are the things that happen… In any case, their break-up has surprised a lot of people.

To cheer you up, you will find Alvaro Rico and Ester Exposito together in the season 3 Elite update online as of the 13 march 2020 on Netflix. We reserve it ? Little info has been revealed except that two new actors integrate the series Spanish, Leïte J. Sene and Sergio Momo. The short teaser also lets us think that Jaime Lorente (Nano), and Miguel Herran (Christian) will not be of the party : they were busy turning the season 4 of The Casa de Papel.

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